Why You Should Participate as a Startup/Sell Side

  • Be a Smart Cities Icon, Be the Best of the Rest We only accept the best startups. By being in this exclusive ecosystem, you get the branding and publicity as an up and coming disruptive smart cities icon.
  • Market Your Product to the Right Audience
  • Connect to Decision Makers, Efficiently Don’t rely on luck to meet decision makers at a conference. We’ll give you a contact list/who’s who guide in advance so that you can arrange for meetings. We will even manually introduce you to decision makers that are relevant to you (tiered access).
  • Actually Useful Panels Our panels aren’t about high level, abstract discussions. We ask the panelists questions that you would have asked yourself.

Participation Cost: SG$3,000


What You Get:

  1. Be featured in the electronic catalogue that will be sent to all participants
  2. Table, chairs and space for you to display your product/technologies
  3. Entry tickets for 5 people – Make them feel special by inviting your employees, investors or anyone you want to impress to this by invite only event
  4. Contact list of all the participating startups plus media, investors and buy side participants that have agreed to disclose their information
  5. Personalized introductions to buy side companies, including those who have opted not to disclose their contact details (see incentivized referral mechanism)
  6. Have your company promotional video played during the panel breaks

*Note: Changes to terms at organizer’s discretion