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30 Aug - 31 Aug





The Urban Organism

More than just a digital city, a smart city can be likened to a biological system. Akin to a living organism, each part impacts on one another to perform functions.

Coined the urban organism, smart cities ensure interoperability between various systems for it to be agile, flexible and sustainable. We're creating a whole new world of possibilities today.

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Leading Smart Cities Startup



One-to-One Meetings

Most conferences leave building connections to chances. Here, we give you a contact list and personally introduce you to decision makers that are relevant to you.

Actually Useful Panels

Our panels aren't about high level, abstract discussions. We ask the panelists on-the-ground, practical questions that you would have asked yourself. Come get your inspirations here!

Time Travel

We don’t just tell you what smart cities are. We create a showroom to let you see, feel and experience what living in the future is like.


Featured Speakers

We'll be unveiling speakers and participating companies each week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!






Smart City Startups

As a startup ourselves, we know what you need. A key focus of the Summit is to connect you to businesses and government entities that are going to be your clients.


Government Entities, Property Developers, Smart Cities Tech Users

Sick of going to conferences and seeing the same old stuff from the big names? This Summit will show you the disruptive startups, often overshadowed by the big budgets at conferences, and help you find that hidden gem.


Investors, Sponsors, and Media

Be a part of this exclusive smart cities community and ecosystem.


Industry Participants

For everyone else to join us on both industry day (Aug 30) and public day (Aug 31).



For everyone else to join us on the public day (Aug 31).


We're inviting great people to the summit.

If you know of a great smart cities-related startup, government, company or potential sponsor, refer them to us. If they become a participant, you’ll get a referral reward! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is igloohome, a Startup, Organizing a Summit? What’s the Difference from Other Conferences?

As a startup, igloohome knows that most conferences yield very little in terms of connecting the companies to the right people. Buy side companies are constantly bombarded by what the big players offer but what they are looking for are new, disruptive ideas. Instead of waiting for others to solve our problem, we decided to use this Summit to bridge the gap by making the connection process more efficient and facilitate deal closure for participants. Instead of just booths and displays to tell people what smart cities are like, we help people envision the need to switch to smart cities products and technologies by creating a showroom where people can experience and relate to living in the future.


What’s different about your “connection process”?

We got inspired by six degrees of separation and created an incentivized referral mechanism. Probably the first of such implemented at a Summit, one's access to the network depends on the resources (in the form of connections, funding or others) one shares with the community. The more valuable the connections or resources one brings to the ecosystem, the more one can tap on others' relationships and expand their own.


Is this Summit about igloohome? What is igloohome's role in this Summit?

No, the Summit isn't about igloohome. The Summit is a private sector initiative backed by government entities and in line with the Singapore government’s goal of moving towards a Smart Nation. igloohome is leading the initiative but happy to include anyone who wants to partner or get involved. Reached out to us at summit@igloohome.co!